Apply for Commercial Agricultural Water Program

The Commercial Agricultural Water Program (CAWP) was created to support the agricultural customers within the Santa Fe Irrigation District. The CAWP classification and water rate is only available to those who meet the program criteria:

  • Have annual documented sale of at least $1,000 for products of an agricultural, horticultural or floricultural nature
  • Have a valid City or County Business License or Certificate, or similar documentation of a Commercial Business
  • Have proof of a certified backflow prevention device and current test results
  • Have a water meter dedicated for Agricultural Use only that MUST read in hundred cubic feet.


Customers interested in participating in the CAWP must complete the SFID Commercial Agricultural Water Program Application (PDF).

Please read the Rules and regulations (PDF) of the Santa Fe Irrigation District's CAWP.

Customers who are approved for the CAWP program and are required to report their sub-meter reads, please email this information to Customer Service at

  1. Your name
  2. SFID water account number
  3. Sub-meter number
  4. Sub-meter read
  5. Date of sub-meter read