How do I flush my household pipes?
A bleachy or chemical taste and odor in the water in your home or business is often caused by accumulation of organic material in the plumbing. This organic material can be eliminated by flushing your water pipes. This procedure is outlines in the following steps:
1) Remove the screens (aerators) from the ends of the indoor faucets and run all of the faucets wide open and simultaneously for 3 to 5 minutes.
2) Flush the toilets 2 or 3 times each while faucets are running. Running all the water faucets and toilets simultaneously generates a large flow of water through the pipes and will hopefully dislodge any buildup of organic material that is causing the taste and odor problem. Removing the aerators before flushing the plumbing will prevent anything dislodged from plugging the screens.
3) After 3 to 5 minutes of flushing, turn off the water faucets, clean the aerators, and reinstall aerators on the ends of the faucets.

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