Capital Improvement Projects

Santa Fe Irrigation District Construction Projects

The Santa Fe Irrigation District utilizes its Capital Improvement Program as a road map, providing direction and guidance to the District on managing its capital and infrastructure assets. Identifying Capital Improvement Projects and their anticipated funding sources assists in the planning and scheduling of finances and the resources and manpower needed to successfully plan, design, and construct projects.

In March 2009, the District completed the Santa Fe Irrigation District's Asset Management Master Plan (AMMP) (PDF) and the Joint Facilities Master Plan (PDF) in 2012. The District has also updated its Asset Valuation in 2018. The Plans defined improvements for the next 10 years required to achieve water delivery performance requirements for both the distribution system and the R.E. Badger Water Filtration Plant. Several projects were identified in the AMMP that are a high priority for the District.

Installation of a New Pressure Reducing Station

Current & Upcoming Projects

For Information on the District's current and upcoming projects, visit the Project Description page. All projects are in line with the District's Mission Statement of efficiently providing its customers with safe and reliable water.