Free Water-wise Landscape Classes

A water wise landscape helps conserve water and is functional, attractive and easily maintained. It provides us with many benefits including:

  • Natural cooling
  • Cleansing of our environment
  • Up to 80% water savings with the installation of low water use plants
  • Can help create habitats for butterflies, birds and other pollinators

Watch San Diego County' Water Authority's video playlist on becoming WaterSmart!

This series of videos mirrors the content of the workshops and four-class series and will take you step-by-step through the process of creating your very own beautiful, water-efficient landscape. From measuring your property to getting to know your soil to picking the right plants for the right place, these entertaining and informative videos will guide you along the path to a WaterSmart landscape.

Find the complete playlist on YouTube to find specific topics!

San Diego County Water Authority Virtual Landscape Workshops

FREE, three-hour online and in-person workshops will give you the skills and knowledge to create a yard that loves San Diego as much as you do! Each workshop, taught by a local landscape design professional, focuses on specific landscape topics with a “do-it-yourself” approach including landscape design and maintenance, soil identification and health, turf types and removal tips, plant selection, rainwater catchment, irrigation retrofits and project installation.

These workshops are funded in part by the County of San Diego Watershed Protection Program. If you live in unincorporated San Diego County, you may be eligible for additional incentives through the Waterscape Rebate Program.

Registration can be found at:

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California Virtual Classes

Metropolitan offers free virtual classes in landscape design and irrigation principles to help you plant, care for and maintain a beautiful water efficient garden. Choose from several class themes to address your garden’s needs. All classes are led by Green Gardens Group virtual instructors.  Learn more at: