Save water and money! Participate in rebates and programs that focus on utilizing water efficiently. Administered by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, conservation rebates are available to Santa Fe Irrigation District customers.  Funding for programs can be limited, its recommended to gather all information before starting any project. 

  1. Residential Rebates
  2. Commercial Rebates
  3. Unincorporated Customer Rebates
  4. Conservation Programs

Residential Rebates:

to view all rebates visit, or call 1 (888) 376-3314

Turf Replacement Program:

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California’s Turf Replacement Program offers at least $2 per square foot to qualified residents replacing their turf with water-efficient landscaping features. More information can be found here

NOTE: Do not start turf removal until you have applied to the program and received an official notice to proceed.


  • High-Efficiency Toilets | $40
  • High Efficiency Washing Machines | start at $85
  • Flow Monitor / Leak Detection device | start at $100


  • Weather-based Irrigation Controller (WBIC) | up to $80 (under 1 irrigated acre)
  • Weather-based Irrigation Controller (WBIC) | $35 (per station over 1 irrigated acre)
  • Rotating Sprinkler Nozzles $2 per nozzle (minimum 30)
  • Rain Barrel | $50 per barrel (max 2)
  • Cistern | $250 - $350 (depending on capacity)
  • Soil Moisture System | $80 ($35 per irrigation controller)