Santa Fe Irrigation District strives for transparency and accountability. SFID is committed to providing our customers and stakeholders publicly accessible, factual information that assists our stakeholders and members of the public in understanding how the District operates.
The below tabs have information on the District's Administrative Code, Mission/Vision Statement, SB272 Compliance, District's Current Salary Schedule, Organizational Chart, Compensation, and Financial Reports.
  1. Administrative Code
  2. Mission/Vision Statement
  3. SB 272 Compliance
The purpose of this Administrative Code is to provide a statement regarding the organizational structure of the District, the duties and powers of the Board of Directors, the duties and powers of the management staff and employees, and the policies by which the work of the District is carried out.

Santa Fe Irrigation District Administrative Code

  1. Salary Schedule
  2. Organizational Chart
  3. Compensation
  4. District Financial Reports